Covid - 19 Questions

Doing Our Best to Keep You Safe!

Are you open?

Yes!  We are so excited to be open for in-person school!  We have made adjustments to our classrooms and procedures to minimize the risk of spreading germs.

What does school look like now that Covid-19 is a concern?

Here are some of the things that we are doing to keep the kids and staff as safe as possible:  

  • We are strictly enforcing our sick policy, which you can read here.

  • We have touch-free soap dispensers located at both of our kid sinks.

  • Our 2 classes, which formerly had a shared space, are now separated by shelves to limit the "social circle" for each child.

  • Instead of having pencils, glue sticks, and colored pencils stationed throughout the classroom, each child will not have her own set of these items that will be kept in her drawer.  The school provides these.

  • You are welcome to send your child to school in a mask. We will help your child with any mask related struggles so he/she can keep it on.

  • We have hand sanitizer stationed throughout the classroom and will encourage the children to use it whenever necessary.

  • We have Covid test kits that are available to our school families. Anytime you need one, just ask!

  • Perhaps the most valuable thing that we will do, (and have always done) is teach the children about germs.  We teach them how germs are spread, why we sneeze and cough into our elbow, why we don't put our hands in our mouths, how to properly blow our noses, how to wash away germs, etc.

Will you be doing online or distance learning?

No.  It is simply not realistic to do Montessori education online - especially for preschoolers and kindergarteners.  If Covid-19 requires us to close for a certain amount of time (a few weeks, for example), we will likely send out some resources for you to have while your child is at home, but we will also make every attempt to make up the lost school days at a later time.  We will never charge tuition for you to give lessons to your child at your home.

What are your rules for returning to school after having or being exposed to Covid?

We follow the CDC recommendations.  Because there are so many variables, we'll just point you to the source, here.  The only other thing we will say, is to please err on the side of caution.  We have so many young children here, and most are not old enough to be vaccinated and many are not great with their masks yet.  If in doubt, keep them out! 

Can I talk to somebody about my questions or concerns?

Yes.  You can email or call the school at (360) 698-7620.  Please note, our office is closed on Wednesdays.

Can I take a tour?

Yes!  You can read about the tour process and sign up for a tour here