We always open enrollment for brand new students for the following school year on February 15. In other words, if you have a child who will be 3 by September of 2021, call us or sign up for a tour in January or February of 2021.  This will get your registration process started and give you the best chance at getting a spot for your child.

Our Montessori classrooms are designed for the 3 – 6 year old, preschool and kindergarten.  We will enroll your child for the start of the schoolyear (September) if s/he will be turning 3 by the end of October.  Please note, however, that the CK School District cutoff date is 8/31. If your child has a birthday in September or October s/he may have an "extra" year of preschool.  If you enroll your child in the middle of the school year, s/he must be at least 3 years old.  Children that are outside of this age range are usually not successful for a variety of reasons.  It’s in everyone’s best interest to avoid a negative school experience!

If you have heard that we are full please don't let that discourage you.  Since we are a military town, things do change so please call us if you are interested in being put on our waiting list.  We stay on top of our lists and will let you know if a space opens up for your child.  The sooner you call the better!