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Emergency Plans


Your child’s safety is our priority. Indeed, a child cannot freely learn if he does not feel safe in his environment.  While we are always watching out for the safety of our kids, bumps and bruises do happen.  It is often the natural outcome of kids developing their spatial awareness. Sometimes it’s a result of preschoolers playing around and being silly (inside or outside.)  Whenever we witness a ‘bonk’ or other type of injury we will of course help the child (with ice packs, a band-aid, etc.) and tell you about it at the car. For anything more severe, see below.  Please also understand that sometimes kids get bonks that they don’t even bring to our attention and only mention at home.  This is actually quite normal at this age and most likely does not mean anything more than the child forgot about it until then. If you ever have a concern about your child’s safety please speak with us immediately. You may speak with your child’s teacher or with the office staff.


Individual Emergencies

In case of a minor accident, teachers will assist the child and the parent(s) / guardian(s) will be notified. In case of a more serious incident, the child's physician may be contacted as well. If a child needs emergency care, 911 will be called and the teachers will follow instructions given by them. If it is deemed necessary, the child may be transported by ambulance to the nearest hospital (St. Michael Medical Center, Silverdale). Every child attending the school must have an emergency release form on file signed by a parent or guardian permitting such necessary transportation.

Disaster Plan

In case of an earthquake, fire or other emergencies, all children will be kept with adults on the school grounds until their parents/guardians arrive to pick them up. We have in our preparedness kit: food for the children for at least 24 hours as well as a first aid kit, flashlight, radio, blankets, etc. If authorities advise the school that the children be moved to another location, we will go to - in order of probable occurrence -

1) McClendon Residence - The home behind the school
2) Silverdale Waterfront Park
3) Kitsap Mall (play area)

If communication should become blocked, we will try to note our information with the area Red Cross and Police Department agencies.

In any emergency, it is a general rule that we will close our schools if Central Kitsap School District is closed. If an emergency occurs during school hours, CK Montessori will remain open until all of the children are safely picked up. The exception to this would be in the event of an evacuation order (see above). If possible, we would send a message via Remind or change the greeting on the voice mail to inform you when you call, as to our status and where the children are located.


Students will leave the classroom under the supervision of staff. All students will exit the building and move to a nearby area as indicated by the teacher and/or fire department. All classrooms have up to code smoke alarms and are equipped with fire extinguishers.  One of the benefits of our location is that we have tons of space in Mrs. McClendon's yard where we could go and not need to cross the road.  We do have stop signs and a "rope" for the kids to hold onto, however, in case we would ever need to cross the road.


Should an earthquake of significant magnitude occur, disruption to road networks can be anticipated. All children will remain under the care and supervision of staff until they can be picked up. At the time of an earthquake children and staff will take cover under tables, desks and under supported doorways.

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