Kid Quotes

Over the years we've collected funny kid quotes spoken by our very own.  Enjoy!

*  (While folding hand towels) "Folding's my jam!"

*  (While being introduced to her new teacher...) "Heeeeey! My last teacher's first name was "Mrs." too!"

*  Teacher. "What's your dad's name?" Child, "He doesn't have a name. I just call him Dad."

*  "I don't play Seahawks, I just watch them on television."

*  "Gardner snakes guard houses."

*  The child chose the consonant game for her work and said with much confidence, "I'm gonna do the confident game!"

*  "OK, I need a hammer, a screwdriver, and a time machine."

*  "We are moving to Florida and I get to go too!"

*  "My dad has a birthday too!"

*  (While doing a practical life work involving hanging up socks on a clothes line,) "Why aren't these wet?"

*  "Don't worry, the sun will shine again next summer."

*  Teacher, "How long have you had your ears pierced?" Child, "Um, about 60 years."

Don't worry, we have tons more and will be adding them soon...