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Kid Quotes

Over the years we've collected funny kid quotes spoken by our very own.  Enjoy!

*  Teacher, "I missed you last week. Were you sick or did you take a trip?" Child, "Oh! We were tripping the WHOLE week!"

*  (Child had just started his number roll and was up to the number 35.) "I'm almost to a million!"

*  (The child was frustrated because he was not able to get his question communicated clearly and therefor the answer was not what he was looking for.) "You're not talking in the right position!"

*  Teacher, "What kind of dog was it?" Child, "Um, you know that kind with two legs in the front and two legs in the back?"

*  (While reviewing a letter sound.) Teacher, "What sound does this make?" Child, "I'm not the teacher!"

*  Teacher, "Do you know your address?" Boy child, "Um... I don't wear a dress. I just wear regular clothes."

*  (While reading to another child.) "Sorry, that yawn just snuck into my mouth."

*  Child 1, "Why do you always sit next to each other?" Child 2, "Because we are the same size."

*  "You know what's weird about Tuesday? It starts with a number."

*  Adult (not a teacher...), "Do you drive your mom nuts?" Child, "Um, nuts are for eating and I don't drive."

*  Teacher, "You are quite the weatherman!" Child, "I'm not quite a man yet."

*  Teacher, "Do you know when your birthday is?" Child, "Yes, it's when I turn 5."

*  "My shoe is stepping on my foot!"

*  "It was gi-HUGE-ic!"

*  "I'm thankful for Santa, elves, reindeer, and Justin Bieber."

*  (Child 1 spilled apple juice.) Child 2, "Are you going to put up cones?"

*  "I think I know why they call it Washington. Because it washes everything away!"

*  (While folding hand towels) "Folding's my jam!"

*  (While being introduced to her new teacher...) "Heeeeey! My last teacher's first name was "Mrs." too!"

*  Teacher. "What's your dad's name?" Child, "He doesn't have a name. I just call him Dad."

*  "I don't play Seahawks, I just watch them on television."

*  "Gardner snakes guard houses."

*  The child chose the 'consonant game' for her work and said with much confidence, "I'm gonna do the confident game!"

*  "OK, I need a hammer, a screwdriver, and a time machine."

*  "We are moving to Florida, and I get to go too!"

*  "My dad has a birthday too!"

*  (While doing a practical life work involving hanging up socks on a clothesline,) "Why aren't these wet?"

*  "Don't worry, the sun will shine again next summer."

*  Teacher, "How long have you had your ears pierced?" Child, "Um, about 60 years."

*  More to come!

*We promise not to believe everything that your child says about you as long as you promise not to believe everything he/she says about us!

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