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Mama's Craft Sanctuary

What Is Mama's Craft Sanctuary?

Mama's Craft Sanctuary utilizes the extra space upstairs in the barn. Simply put, it is a craft studio / maker space available to you. And... it is filled to the brim with all of the craft supplies you could ever need! Drop off your child in class, then come upstairs and finish that baby book!


Mama's Craft Sanctuary is free to use, but donations are accepted, (cash or Venmo.) This is about giving you a space to be creative and get recharged (because being a parent is HARD!) We have a suggested donation of $10 / hour, or $20 / class time. But, if you cannot give a donation, we will not turn you away! Come, play, get refreshed. You can always make a donation the next time.

You can find a lot more information about Mama's Craft Sanctuary on their website. Check it out to find out more about Mom's Night Out, hosting parties, attending classes, etc. 

"This space has been a dream of mine for so long! When my children were young, I was exhausted all the time. One day, I was able to carve out a small space in my house for my craft supplies. Having a dedicated space to go and be creative, even if only for a few minutes, changed my life!

This is what I want to share."

~ Jillian (aka, Mrs. McClendon)

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