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At CK Montessori we use a school communication app called Remind for much of our communication needs.  Through Remind we are able to send messages to any or all of our families quickly and easily.  You, the parent, can also easily message your child's teacher, the office staff, and even your other parents in your child's class.  All of this is done without having to give out  personal phone numbers. 


When you first register for school we will add you to the correct "class" in Remind.  Unless you tell us otherwise, we will use the child's mother's cell phone.  If you wish to add additional people or use someone different for our primary contact just let us know.  It's a good idea to add grandparents, nannies, or others who regularly watch your child and provide transportation to and from school.

A few things we love about Remind:

 *You can easily send your child's teacher a message if he/she will be absent

 *You can connect with other parents for play dates or birthday parties

 *We can send announcements to the whole class (snow days, reminders, etc.)

 *We can send you a picture of your child being adorable at school 

Please be respectful of our staff's working hours.  We may not answer you

right away if you message us in the evening or on the weekend.

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Fall Conferences

Every year we offer a parent / teacher conference in October.  This is a good time to chat with your child's teacher in depth about how s/he is doing.  At your child’s conference we will discuss the following:

Academics: We'll share with you the kinds of activities that your child is drawn to or is good at!  We'll also share with you our goals for your child for the rest of this academic year. 

Social skills: We will discuss your child's social skills and goals for this school year.  Typical behavior for your child's age and gender will be talked about for your reference and we will help you find ways you can support him/her at home. 

Behavioral issues: Any behavioral concerns we have will also be discussed at your conference.  Although if the concerns are of a serious nature, or if they indicate a possible learning delay or issue*, you will likely have been contacted previously by conversations at the car, by email, or by extra conferences as needed.


*Please note:  We cannot, do not, and will not diagnose any behavioral or learning disorders.  We have, however, taught many many children over the years and are in tune to certain “red flags”.  If we have a concern, we will discuss it with you and encourage you to seek a professional’s opinion.

Other Parent / Teacher Communication

Every day, when we put your child in the car, we will try to give a very short comment about his/her day; He had a great day, she worked on her number roll, he sat through the whole circle time without bothering anybody, she finished her task sheet, etc.  Our comments are meant to be as positive as possible because your child can hear this conversation!  It is imperative that your child see us (the staff) and you (the parents) as a team and that we share information with each other.  By the same token, if your child is one that is having behavioral issues or difficulty settling in, it's difficult to always remain positive and we do feel (we are sure that you agree) that you need to know what went on at school.  In these cases, we will state FACTS about the day; he had 3 timeouts, she bothered Susie at circle time, he was rolling around on the floor during story time, etc.  These are meant to be information only - no judgement!  We will then always try to finish with a positive comment; he worked on a map of Asia!


Please remember that our conversations at the car are to remain brief.  You may always email your teacher or one of the administrators with concerns or for longer conversations.  We promise to answer in a timely fashion (keeping our working hours in mind).  If necessary, we can always schedule an additional conference as well.

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