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Montessori at Home

* Get a few child sized pitchers for your fridge and fill them with milk or juice. Place them on a low shelf so you child can pour her own drink.

Here are a few ways you can bring Montessori home:

* Have some coat hooks in the hallway that are at your child's level so she can hang up her own coat when coming in. She can also go and get it when it is time to leave.

* Place a bowl and a sponge on a low easily accessible shelf. Show your child the "clean up bucket". He will know what to do!

* Instead of having a large toy bin, try low shelves with a few activities in baskets or containers. Do your best to make sure your child puts one activity away before getting out the next.

* When it is time to clean up, try putting on a music box. This is what the children are accustomed to hearing at school, call it "clean up music" and see what happens!

* When your child is concentrating on something (a book, toy, art project...) unless you must, try not to interrupt her. Never break a child's concentration to say something like "Good job!" Wait until she is finished and make a comment that reflects on her process, not the end product. Something such as, "It looks like you really enjoyed using all of those colors!" Comments that put the focus back on the child rather than the product are also good, such as, "Wow, I can tell that you are very proud of yourself!"

Making a sandwich.JPG

* Whenever possible, have your child help with whatever you are doing around the house.  You may be surprised at how much he can do!  For example, put a little peanut butter and jelly in small bowls and have him spread it on his bread for lunch.

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